About Race

How do I join?

✓ First determine your team and category. (2/4/6 Person Team)
✓ Then set your team name and Team Captain.
✓ Now the Team Captain can complete the REGISTRATION for the whole

24h Participation fees

2 Person Team – per person: 550 TL
4 Person Team – per person: 450TL
6 Person Team – per person: 350TL

50% discount for university clubs

Send your student ID card to our whatsapp line and request a discount coupon after completing your registration

Team Captain
The Team Captain will be the contact person for all matters related to the race, registering everyone on behalf of the team, making the lump sum payment.

Booster is the person who supports the team and has access to special areas for cyclists during the entire race. It could be your friend, your trainer, or someone from your family. It will be with you to help with alimentation, technical support and rehabilitation.

Each Teams have 1 Booster right. Boosters do not require pre-registration. Booster wristbands will be provided along with registration day inside the racing kits.


The rating will be determined by the distance traveled on the circuit.
• Top three teams in all categories
• Fastest lap Man / Woman
• Most lap Man / Woman

All athletes who have completed the age of 18 can participate in the Türk Telekom ISTANBUL 24h BOOSTRACE. Competitors must have a license from the Turkish
Cycling Federation, or a health report stating that they can race.

Competitors can race road, mountain, gravel, city bikes with disc or v-brake.
Since the race will last all night, the red stop lamp, which can be seen from
behind, must be used as long as it gets dark and the lights are on. It is
mandatory for all athletes to wear helmets (in EU standards) during the race
and in the change area.

Tandem, folding, electric, time trial, fixed gear, unicycles and disc/column
wheels, bar-end/aero bars are not eligible for competition.

The race start will take place on Saturday at 12:30 in traditional start order.

No you are not. Türk Telekom ISTANBUL 24h BOOSTRACE is an alternating team endurance race, you can
make changes whenever you want and as many times as you want by
determining the team strategy according to the 2-4-6 teams you have
established. All changes are made only in the pit area.

Yes, drafting is allowed throughout the race. It is envisaged that the race will
progress in pelotons.

Teams with at least one athlete from both genders will be ranked in the mix category

There will be only one competitor from each team at the same time on the
circuit. The competitor who wants to change enters the exchange area and
gives the race bracelet to his teammate, allowing him to continue the race.
The change will take place on the green painted area in the pit lane.

The speed of the athletes in the exchange area is determined as maximum of
20 km per hour, it will be controlled by the measurement passes at the
beginning and end of the field.

If the cyclist cannot make the necessary repairs as a result of a mechanical problem or a tire burst, he moves to the left side of the track, raises his right hand and waits for the support vehicle to arrive. The support vehicle takes the athlete to the pit entry point and allows him to pass to the change area after waiting for 5 minutes.

Fast groups should call out to the slower athletes in front of them and
announce their arrival. Slow athletes should go on the right side of the track
and should not prevent fast competitors from behind.

The circuit will be illuminated between 20:30 and 06:00. During this period, it
is obligatory for the competitors to have a white lighting lamp in front of their
bicycles and a red stop lamp behind the bicycle and to be on until the

On the race day between 07:00-11:00 cyclist will present their Id and cycling license or their health report. Each cyclist must get their own kit.

Team spaces are parceled out spaces in garages with direct access to the
pits. You will be able to follow the race and your ranking live from the screens
in each garage. These areas will be your hq for 24 hours. Garages will be
shared with different teams and since they are considered as a common
area, it is necessary to be in harmony with the shared team.
In the team area, you can bring a folding seat/bed, sleeping bag and relax
during the race. You can do your nutrition and warm up on the trainer before
the race. There will be electricity in the tool area and we recommend that you
bring an extension cord and a multiplier socket.

Ranking will be determined by distance traveled on the circuit. Thanks to the chip attached to the number sticker, it will be updated every time you cross the finish line.. You can follow the order from the screens in the pit area.

Apart from the garages, a separate parking area will be determined for the competitors and boosters. This area is also suitable as a caravan park and camping area and care will be taken to keep it in a general silence.

You can join the event as a visitor to support your friends during the event and to visit the stands of various brands in the expo area. You can enter the expo area at 07:30 on Saturday.

For more detailed information, you can check the rules page.