1.1. The rules will be valid during the Türk Telekom ISTANBUL 24h BOOSTRACE event.

1.2. All cyclists who register for the Türk Telekom ISTANBUL 24h BOOSTRACE are deemed to have accepted these rules.

1.3. Each team and participant should check the race kit given to them in the registration area and report any inaccuracy in their personal information to the race management.

2. Racing Categories

The race categories are determined by gender and number of competitors.

The ratings will be determined according to the distance traveled on the circuit.

2-Man Teammalefemalemixed
4-Man Teammalefemalemixed
6-Man Teammalefemalemixed
Fastest Lapmalefemale 
Most Lapmalefemale 



3.1.  Türk Telekom ISTANBUL 24h BOOSTRACE is organized as teams of 2, 4 and 6 people. It is open to licensed and unlicensed turkish citizens as well as all foreign cyclists. Contestants must be must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

3.2 The contestants who have the license of the current year issued by the Turkish Cycling Federation will be deemed to have passed the necessary health check.

3.3 Unlicensed cyclists must submit a medical report stating that they can compete. The report must not be more than 1 year older than the date of the race.

3.4 Foreign participants (whether or not they are a member of a federation) must submit a medical report stating that they can compete.

3.5 Cyclists who have been suspended for doping in the last 5 years are prohibited from participating.

3.6 Professionals may enter the race but they and their team will not be classified.

4.Team Captain

4.1 Each team must select 1 team captain among their competitors.

4.2 The only person who will contact the race management will be the team captain. The team captain will be called by their team name.

4.3 The team captain must fill out the team registration form for all team members from the site and make the necessary payment for all team members.

4.4 The Team Captain is responsible for documents such as identification, license and medical report issued at the time of registration. These documents must be valid until race day and the end of the race. By submitting these documents to the registration desk, the team must receive their race kit.

4.5 On the day of registration, it is mandatory for the Team Captain and all team members to be at the registration desk.

5. Booster

5.1 Booster is the person who supports the team and has access to special areas for cyclists during the entire race. It could be your friend, your trainer, or someone from your family. It will be with you to help with alimentation, technical support and rehabilitation.

5.2 Each team has 1 Booster right. Boosters do not require pre-registration. Booster wristbands will be provided along with registration day inside the racing kits.

5.3.Booster wristbands will be given to team captains.

6. Bicycles, Helmets and Equipment

6.1. General

6.1.1 Each participant is responsible for the safety of their own bicycle. Make sure that the brakes and other components work smoothly.

6.1.2. Cyclists who are found to have participated in the race on a bicycle that is not in compliance with the rules will be excluded from the race and will be disqualified.

6.2 Helmet

All cyclists must wear helmets (EU standards) during the race and in the field of change. Cyclists can only remove their helmets after performing the change. Cyclists who do not comply with these rules will be immediately disqualified.

6.3 Lighting

6.3.1 It is mandatory to have a white lighting lamp in front of the bicycle and a red taillight on the back of the bike and to be on during the night session

6.3.2 The requirement shall apply from the lighting of the lights on the circuit until they are turned off.

6.3.3 The cyclist will be removed from the race and disqualified from the race on a bicycle that does not have light or does not turned on.

6.4 Road/Racing Bikes

The use of road/racing bikes is not mandatory. However, in terms of the speed and type of the race it is desirable for participants to prefer road/race bikes.

6.5 Mountain Bikes and City Bikes

Such bikes can be used during the race. If you prefer to participate in the race by mountain bike or city bike, please consider factors such as average speed, time limits, safety.

6.6 Special Rules

Bicycles and components listed below are prohibited during the race.
All bikes will be controlled before entering the area.
– Triathlon type handlebars and aero bars

– Disc wheels and column wheels
– Single-speed, fixie bikes
– Hand bike

– Electric bicycles
– Any bicycle with a carrier

– Folding bicycles

– Tandem bikes

– Unicycles

6.7 Use of headphones

– Wearing headphones is only allowed for communication purposes with teammates, the use of MP3 players and similar devices is prohibited. Headphones are prohibited in double ears. Headphones can be worn in one ear.


7.1 Technical meeting

A mandatory briefing for all team captains and team members will be held at 9:30 a.m. on race day morning to ensure smooth racing and safety at the circuit.

Number 7.2, Chip and Racing Wristband

7.2.1 Each cyclist must visibly wear back and under-seat numbers. Referees have the right to temporarily stop cyclists if this rule is not followed

7.2.2 The chip is attached to the number sticker provided by the organization. During the race, time measurement areas must be passed at the entrances and exits of the change area.

7.2.3 A team member who competes in each team must wear the race during his/her stay on the circuit.

7.2.4 A team member competing on the circuit can only hand over his race wristband to another team member during a change in the pit area.

7.3 Circuit

Only competitors have access to the circuit. No motor vehicle except organization or medical personnel has access to the circuit. It is forbidden to follow competitors in any way (by bicycle, running, motor) on the circuit.

7.4 Lighting

Certain parts of the runway will be illuminated when it gets dark. The timing is up to the organizer to turn the lighting on and off.

7.5 Start

7.5.1 The race start will take place on Saturday at 12:30 in traditional start order.

7.5.2 Start time may be postponed depending on the weather.

7.6 General Driving Rules

7.6.1 Participants will not prevent other cyclists from passing, intercept them or force them off the road. They will avoid contact with other participants as much as possible. Physically pulling or pushing another cyclist for an individual or common interest, except in mandatory circumstances, will be punishable by penalty clauses. Likewise, stopping suddenly in a way that prevents someone else, changing the lane suddenly, or stopping for no reason at the start of the race will also be punished in accordance with the relevant article (section 10.2).

7.6.2 Food and beverage exchanges between cyclists are permitted.

7.6.3. It is forbidden to leave any waste, including garbage or used canteens and water bottles, in and around the circuit. Those who behave otherwise will be punished in accordance with the relevant article (section 10.2). Each cyclist will be able to drop the garbage, empty flasks and water bottles in the area to be specified at the technical meeting or wait until the pit area.

7.7 Support for cyclists

Cyclists are prohibited from receiving support outside the exchange zone.

7.8 Repairs

7.8.1 In the event of a mechanical problem or flat tire, the cyclist should raise their arm and stop at the nearest side of the road. Cyclist can repair it himself or seek help from rival cyclists. Bicycle replacement is not possible on the circuit.

7.8.2 In the field of change, cyclists can get support from teammates.

7.9 Problematic Situations

7.9.1 If the cyclist cannot make the necessary repairs as a result of a mechanical problem or a tire burst, he moves to the left side of the track, raises his right hand and waits for the support vehicle to arrive. The support vehicle takes the athlete to the pit entry point and allows him to pass to the change area after waiting for 5 minutes.

7.9.2 If the racer has to leave the race due to health reasons, he raises his right arm to inform the other racers and stops at the nearest side of the road. To give an emergency call, he must raise both arms up above his head and hold for 20 seconds. As a result of the call, the ambulance will reach the competitor.

7.9.3 In the event of an accident that requires the intervention of healthcare professionals, the race doctor will decide whether the athletes can continue the race or not.

7.9.4 When the racing doctor detects a suspicious health condition in the cyclist’s condition and movements, he may invite him to an examination and prevent the cyclist from racing if he diagnoses a risky situation.

7.10 Withdrawal from the race

7.10.1 In the event that a cyclist withdraws from the race or is seriously injured, the referees will bring the race wristband back to the referee’s table.

7.10.2 Teammate can take the race wristband from the referee’s table and continue the race for the team.

7.10.3 In case of heavy damage, the bicycle will be brought back to the paddock area by the organizer.

7.11 Night drive

7.11.1 During the night portion of the race, cyclists must use the front and backlight of the bike between 20:30 and 06:00. The rules written in Article 6.3 of the rules apply.

7.11.2 Race referees may impose penalties if these rules are not applied.

7.12 Changes

7.12.1 Change must only be made along the green painted strip where the pit area is located. Only cyclists who are waiting for a teammate competing on the circuit can be found in the exchange area.

7.12.2 For the change, the cyclist who competes on the circuit must enter the pit area and stand in the change area in front of the garage where his team is. The change comes as the cyclist who left the circuit handed over the race wristband he was carrying to his teammate who was racing on the circuit.

7.12.3 Teams are free to manage their relay strategy.

7.12.4 The speed of cyclists in the exchange area will be automatically controlled by chips. The maximum speed between the measuring areas at the beginning and end of the area is 20 km per hour.

7.12.5 Only cyclists registered in the race can make changes and compete. If otherwise detected, the team will be disqualified from the race.

7.13 Finish

7.13.1 The “End signal” will be given exactly 24 hours after the start with checkered flags waving. After the contestants wave the checkered flag, they will complete the lap they are in and cross the finish line, and the race will be completed for them.

7.13.2 A safety car will follow the last driver and allow all competitors to leave the circuit.

8. Ranking and Results

8.1 Rankings by categories will be made according to the distance traveled.

8.2 If the race is stopped, the results will be determined according to the ranking 30mins before the decision is made.

8.3 All results will be published on the official website at the end of the race.

9. Podium

9.1 The top 3 teams in all team categories, men/women who do the fastest lap,  men/women who travel most lap will be eligible to take the podium.

9.2 Prizes will be determined by sponsors.

10. Penalties and Controls

10.1. General

10.1.1 Penalties for violations are issued only by the racing committee.

10.1.2 Penalties will be evaluated within the UCI rules, 212007 Road races penalty table will be applied.

10.1.3 The racing committee is also authorized to fine for violations not listed below. The appropriate punishment will be determined by the committee.

10.1.4 Checks will be carried out by stable and motorized referees during the race.

10.1.5 They are responsible for all cyclists competing within the scope of sportsmanship. The punitive recompense for unsportsmanlike conduct will be determined according to the level of risk they pose.

10.1.6 The arbitral tribunal has the power to impose penalties until disqualification in the event of cheating, and they are likely to make changes to the ranking.

10.2. Penalty List

In terms of the progression of the organization and the safety of the participants, the following penalties will be applied:

10.2.1 Deceiving the organizer by participating under a false name: 
Disqualification from the race.

10.2.2 Deceiving the organizer using someone else’s racing chip: 
Disqualification from the race.

10.2.3 Using an old or incorrect race number: 
Disqualification from the race.

10.2.4 Fighting with cyclists or others: 
Disqualification from the race.

10.2.5 Intentionally dangerous driving: 
Disqualification from the race.

10.2.6 Racing by bike contrary to the rules of racing:
Disqualification from the race.

10.2.7 Racing without a helmet or removing your helmet in the race: 
Disqualification from the race.

10.2.8 Absence of race number or time chip: 
Disqualification from the race.

10.2.9 Using a road other than the designated course: Disqualification from the race. It is forbidden to go off the course designated by Intercity İstanbul Park. External roads, safety areas can only be used for emergency stoppages.

11. Complaints and Objections

11.1 Complaints and objections must be reported written to the referee’s desk no later than 15 minutes after the end of the race.

12. Registration and Objections of Rule Violations

12.1 The organization and the racing committee will record rule violations in the start, race time and finish area.

12.2 Violations will be recorded and stored with the “Infringement List” form.

12.3 Participants will submit their objections to the rule violations they witnessed or their own race timings to the organization committee by filling out the “objection form” in the racing office and adding possible evidence. At the end of the race, objections will be reviewed by the organization committee and the decision will be notified to the relevant people.

13. Terms of Participation

13.1 The team registration form must be filled out from the site. There are no phone or mail registrations.

13.2 It is possible to choose a Turkish or English language to register. Only the Turkish «Race Rules» have contract value. The English version is informative.

13.3 Registration is non-transferable. Registration cannot be made on the race day.

13.4 The team captain must enter everyone’s information in full on behalf of the entire team and make a bulk payment on behalf of everyone. Otherwise, the registration file will be considered incomplete and the registration will be considered canceled 1 month before the race date. Registrations will be approved by the organization after all information and documents have been completed.

14. Payment of Registration Fees

14.1 Registration fees will be paid by the Team captain in bulk with the fees of all team members through the site.


15.1 Canceling by the Team Captain

15.1.1 The team captain may cancel the registration of the team within 7 calendar days from the day following the payment date at no cost. This period begins from the day after the date on which the Team captain receives the e-mail confirmation that his registration has been completed.

15.1.2 The following provisions shall apply if cancelled by the Team captain after 7 calendar days:

– Cancellation before July 21: 70% amount will be refunded.

– Cancellation after July 21: no refunds.

Cancellation request, Boost Spor Org. Inc. after the phone communication is passed, it is done by e-mail.

16. Welcome area and kit delivery

16.1 The welcome area will be the area where athletes and spectators will be registered. Race kits will be distributed in this area.

16.2 The Team Captain is responsible for documents such as identification, license and medical report issued during registration. These documents must be valid until race day and the end of the race. By submitting these documents to the registration desk, the team must receive the racing kit. Each cyclist must get their own racing kit.

17. Resting and Parking

17.1 You can come to the resting area by caravan.

17.2 The resting area is not reserved and participants can park in the area suitable fot them when they arrive.

17.3 Visitors can use the parking space specified in the event plan.

17.4 No vehicles are allowed inside the paddock, fairgrounds and runway except for organizers or security/medical personnel.

18. Food

Each team is responsible for its own food supply, they can benefit from various stands in the expo area.

19. Pit area and garages

19.1 Which pit area the teams will use is determined by the organizers. Which area to use will be indicated in the delivery of the race kit.

19.2 Teams must share the pit area with other teams in the paddock.

19.3 Since it is considered as a common area, it is necessary to be in harmony with the shared teams.

19.4 The use of a stove-barbecue in the pit area, tents are not allowed.

19.5 Teams can bring portable campers, chairs, tables, trainers to pit areas to rest and preparations during the race.


20.1 We sincerely hope that all participants do not damage the event space and help keep it clean during and before the race.

20.2 It is forbidden to litter in the circuit and use it as a toilet. If otherwise encountered, the necessary punishment will be applied.

20.3 The use of glass bottles on the runway and in the paddock area is prohibited.

20.4 The Contestants are responsible for any damages they may cause.

21. First Aid and Security

21.1 First aid workers and medical personnel are on hand throughout the event.

21.2 In addition to the officials and organization vehicles that provide race safety, İstanbul park official security cameras are also will be used.

22. CCTV-Image-Reproduction Rights

22.1 Each participant is deemed to have authorized that they can be viewed during the event while registering for the event, and that these images are allowed to be used in all kinds of areas (photos, videos, televisions, cinemas, flyers, internet, billboards) for ten years from the date they are taken.

22.2 Each participant also acknowledges and agrees that a drone can fly over them and take videos and photos to be used to promote the event.

22.3 Each participant is also deemed to have consented to the electronic filing of the information provided during registration. Each participant may request that their account be changed or deleted at any time. No information is transferred to event partners without your consent.


« ISTANBUL 24h BOOSTRACE» is a registered trademark of Boostrace. It is prohibited to use without the permission of Boost Sports Organization Inc.

24. Responsibilities

24.1 Boost Sports Organization Inc. is responsible for istanbul24h organization.

24.2 Each cyclist is responsible for the equipment he or she will bring to the race.

24.3 The team captain is responsible for the information, records and race chip delivered to him on behalf of the competitors.

24.4.1 Cyclist changes in teams should be notified to the organization. Cyclists who make changes outside the notification are responsible for any accidents and problems that may occur to them within the organization.

24.4.2 The person who transfers the race number to a third party or is changed without prior notice to the organizer shall be held liable in the event of an accident that occurred during the incident or caused by the latter.

24.4.3 Likewise, the organizer discerns full liability in the event of an accident in which any person who is not registered fraudulently or with a number that does not comply with these rules occurs and/or causes it.

24.4.4 The organizer may hold the team captain and the registered driver liable if a case is filed against him or her.

24.5 Contestants cannot apply against Boost Sports Organization Inc. in case of theft or damage that occurs within 2 days of the “ Türk Telekom ISTANBUL 24h BOOSTRACE” event

25.Change and cancellation by the organizer

25.1 In cases where natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, health problems risk the safety of competitors, Boost Sports Organization Inc. has the right to change and cancel and postpone the procedures of the race.

26. Changing Rules

26.1 Boost Sports Organization Inc. has the right to make decisions or arbitrate any situation that is not considered under the existing rules.

26.2 Boost Sports Organization Inc. may also make necessary changes to the rules up to 1 week before the event.

27. Personal data

27.1 Please note that certain information is mandatory and necessary to conduct the organization. A lack of response to a mandatory field may compromise the proper tracking of your file.

27.2 The personal information provided is recorded in a computer environment by Boost Sports Organization Inc.

27.3 Your personal information is stored for no more than 2 years, provided that it does not exceed 2 years.


28.1 If any of the provisions of this agreement have been revoked, this void shall be void,

28.2 It does not require the nullity of other provisions of the Agreement, which will remain in force between the both sides.


29.1 Neither side may make a commitment on behalf of or/or behalf of the other Party.

29.2 Each side is solely responsible for its claims, commitments, services, products and personnel.


30.1 Participants who have registered to Türk Telekom ISTANBUL 24h BOOSTRACE voluntarily are deemed to have accepted the competition rules and the changes that can be made to these rules. The organization shall not be held responsible for material and moral damages and accidents carried out by or suffered by the participants.