Intercity İstanbul Park, which has hosted Formula One 9 times, is one of the top 3 favorite tracks of the competitors in the world with its structure that operates 5,338 km long, 14.5 – 21.0 meters wide and counterclockwise, height difference of up to 60 meters and challenging circuit shape.

Especially the 8th corner, which consists of a combination of 4 corners, has already found its place among the legendary circuit corners of the world. The number of corners on the circuit is 14, right 6 and left 8. The highest longitudinal slope on the track, which has an up and down structure, is 8.145%.

Intercity İstanbul Park hosts a challenging event such as Türk Telekom ISTANBUL 24h BOOSTRACE, offering a lifelong experience for those who will cycle on the circuit.